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Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is a major focus in university education, as it provides much assistance and support for the student, and the process of academic counseling is the first supporter of the student's career during university life.

  Academic Counseling functions:

  1. 1. Prepare new students for the university stage.
  2. 2. Assist students in making appropriate decisions related to their academic and professional future.
  3. 3. Upgrade the achievement level of the student by directing her according to the academic plan approved for obtaining the academic degree.
  4. 4. Overcome the difficulties that student may encounter during her studies and providing counseling in all fields that may affect her educational path.
  5. 5. Follow up on students during the study, especially the non-performing, study the causes of stumbling and work to improve their levels.

Student's role in academic counseling:

Students have an essential role in the process of academic counseling, and they have a responsibility to follow academic progress and to seek advice and guidance from academic advisors. The student prepares for the academic guidance process by following the following steps:


1- Before meeting the academic advisor:

  1. - Learn about the office hours for the academic advisor.
  2. - Make an appointment with the academic advisor from the beginning of the semester (preferably at least once a month).
  3. - Prepare the questions and concerns that the student has for presentation in the academic meeting.
  4. - Review the study plan well, which explains to the student all the requirements that the department, college, and university need.
  5. - Search for the correct information and data related to what the student needs before meeting her academic advisor.

 2. During the meeting with the academic advisor:

  1. - Bring the academic file for each course and the list of student's inquiries.
  2. - Clarify the professional and educational objectives of the student, and discuss the academic advisor on it transparently.
  3. - Determine the date of graduation and consult the academic advisor on it.
  4. - Work together with the academic advisor to develop a study program with an executive schedule for what the student plans to study for the next two semesters.
  5. - Raise all questions of concern to the student to her academic advisor, as she can help the student when she has a clear vision of what is going on in her mind.

3-Continuehaving meetings:

  1. - Follow the recommendations of the academic advisor.
  2. - Communicate with the academic advisor and send an email with any additional questions or inquiries.
  3. - Review the graduation requirements and ensure that they are properly understood.
  4. - Inform the academic advisor about any academic process (deletion, addition, excuse, and postponement).
  5. - The student shall be responsible for her academic progress. Counseling and guidance is an important tool that helps student succeed, and the student remains the primary responsible person for her success or not.


Platform of Academic & Interactive Counseling:

    The College of Engineering allocates an academic counseling platform (at 1st floor, 1.603) incorporating computers. The College downloaded an interactive map program for the programs of academic sections, enabling student to recognize the correlation between courses, and its impact on the study plan, which gives a picture about the academic plan of coming semesters, in case of failure in a course, or if having desire to excuse for course, delete a course from the current semesters study program or postpone a semester in a manner that contributes to building up appropriate future plan for the coming levels, for minimizing the consequences of failure, postponement or deletion for student's educational pathway with the assistance of her academic counselor. Therefore, we prompt all students to visit Academic Counseling Platform, accompanied with their counselors, to study their academic situation for the coming levels, prior to submitting the applications of excuse or postponement.

    1. 56.png

  1. Demonstration video of the interactive maps of Engineering College's Academic Programs 


Counseling website is designed for Engineering College, incorporating all principal elements of academic counseling including guidelines and profiles of college, academic programs and study schedules, to be updated on a continuous basis.

 Hereto attached the respective link:




Academic Counseling Director at the College of Engineering

Name: Dr. Samia Rabeh Larguech

Ext. 21298

Office Number: 1.500.42



Academic Counseling Coordinator in the Department of Electrical Engineering:

Name: Dr. Heba bint Jaber Mohamed

Ext. 37364

Office Number: 1.500.29



Academic Counseling Coordinator in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems:

Name: Dr. Ghada Abdul Hameed Al Sawah

Ext. 37358

Office Number: 2.500.14