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Research Center


First: Introducing the Centre

Director of the research centre

The Research Centre at the College of Engineering (CERC) at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University aims to be a world-class academic research centre that provides excellence and leadership at national and international levels in research, applications and scholarly engineering activities. The centre is distinguished by its vision, mission and strategic plan to provide unique research capabilities to the first College of Engineering for girls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the centre aims at meeting the needs and expectations of the new era in light of Vision 2030. Although the research centre at the College of Engineering is a relatively emerging centre, it is distinguished by many achievements and offers potential and excellent research opportunities. The aim of the centre is to raise the level of research excellence, the reputation of the university, and the service of the nation.


Our Research Centre

A world class Research Centre to promote our College of Engineering research in all areas of Engineering


The research centre was established by a decision of His Excellency the President of the University on Safar 26, 1440 AH.


Strategic goal of the research Centre

Encourage and motivate high quality research and publications



To be recognised as a premier academic research centre that provides national and international excellence and leadership in engineering research, applications and research activities



To offer an encouraged research environment that enables the academic staff as well as research students for effective contribution for scientific research, innovations and knowledge transfer in order to serve the Saudi economy and society.









  • Encourage scientific engineering research at PNU through funding research projects as well as attracting privately or publicly funded research projects.
  • Link scientific research with PNU objectives, community needs and national development plans
  • Transfer and localize modern engineering technology
  • Encourage applied research topics/areas that target employability
  • Attract distinguished academic scholars by providing an attractive and stimulating environment and apply inceptives to support excellence and innovation for researchers
  • Encourage research excellence of international output quality
  • Enhance research quality by providing an attractive and stimulating appropriate training packages for staff and researchers
  • Encourage effective contribution in national and international relevant research events and conferences


    Target groups
  • College members including lectures and demonstrators
  • Postgraduate students of the PNU College of Engineering
  • PNU students through supporting their graduation projects



The aim of the Centre is to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues related to electrical, industrial and biomedical engineering and to translate these into more useful applications, publications and knowledge enhancement.  By combining the in-depth knowledge obtained at the university we can help and serve the community efficiently.

Examples of research activities:

  • Research seminars
  • Research groups
  • Publications
  • Research conference
  • Invited speakers
  • Applying and generate funding opportunities
  • Engineering Academy (for training and students' activities)
  • Developing the Research Engineering lab and its research activities


  • Prepare the centre's annual report and follow up implementation after approval
  • Propose research objectives and general research activities and their realisation at the College of Engineering
  • Oversee and energise research group activities at the College
  • Identify training needs and research requirements and liaise with appropriate units to run training courses
  • Take care of publication activities and research degrees
  • Follow up, recommend and update library with up-to-date references for research needs
  • Establish and update the College' database that to include past, current and ongoing research activities in order to set and update follow up plans that meets targets and deadlines
  • Create a database for academic assessors in all specialities of the College of Engineering from the KSA universities
  • Facilitate research activities for College members, create joint ventures with relevant external centres and organisations that can support research activities
  • Provide consultation services to other relevant Engineering organisations as appropriate
  • Host and organise annual research meetings and conferences to present most up to date of research
  • Establish a database for the relevant conferences and events with suggestions of attendances for members


  • Research Engineering lab
  • Research staff
  • Budget
  • Meetings
  • Meetings' minuting
  • Uploading of minutes, agenda's etc


    Research Committees
  • Scientific research committee and ethics
  • Scientific journal committee
  • Committee on internal and international cooperation
  • Conference organising committee
  • Training sessions committee
  • Scientific society committee


    There are lots of opportunities for contributions such as:
  • Team working
  • Initiate projects, joint publication, joint research submission
  • Create appropriate and reflective vision, mission and activities for each committee


    Funding schemes
  • Supporting Program for Emerging Researchers
  • Visiting Scientist Program
  • Fast Track Program
  • Future Pioneers Program
  • Research Groups
  • Funding for Research Projects after categorised Publications
  • Conference Organising activities


    Research groups

    1. Design and analysis of electromechanical systems

    2. Sustainable environment technology

    3. Robotic systems

    4. Power generation


    Research Centre's membership:

    Research Centre Director:

    Name: Prof. Wafaa Shoukry Saleh Email:

    Assistant Director of the Research Centre:

    Name: M. Razan Yassin. Email:


    Administrative :

    Name: Ms. Dina Al Nader

    Name: Ms. Shamsa Al-Muhaid


    Members of the Board of the Research Centre:

    Name: Dr. Fadwa Al-Ruwais Email:

    Name: Dr. Samia Al-Attar Email:

    Name: Dr. Nof Ismail Email:


    Friends of the Research Centre:

    Name: Saja Al-Sultan

    Name: Rima Al-Suwaidan

    Name: Fatima Al-Zahrani

    Name: Rama Al-Harbish

    Name: Share of the schneider

    Name: Nebula al-Shahrani

    Name: Salwa Al-Qahtani


    Contact us:

    Email of the Research Centre:

    Phone: 38059

    Location: 1.500.3


    Second: Research Priorities
  • Excellence in all research activities
  • Establishing a modern engineering research centre for all research activities
  • Development of the research centre in the College of Engineering to increase support and development of research in the college
  • The participation of female students in research activities at an early stage
  • Increase the number and quality of research outputs and impacts of the College of Engineering
  • Encouragement of engineering research at Princess Noura University in accordance with the research priorities suggested by the University Deanship of Research.
  • Contributing to the spread of knowledge and community service through research, community projects and partnerships
  • Disseminating and indigenizing modern technology
  • Attracting distinguished engineering scholars and academics
  • Developing the capabilities of researchers by holding courses and workshops in all areas of engineering research
  • Enhancing our external image by partnering with local and national companies, and developing a focused approach to increasing income from knowledge exchange


Third: A database of research achievements

Please refer to link below for a list of scientific research output:


Fourth: A database of the names of the arbitrators, advisors, and researchers:

NameDegreeResearch areasContact
The Agency of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research ​ ​ ​
Prof. Wafaa Shoukry SalehProfessor

Research and decvelopment


Environemntal Engineering
Dr. Maha LashinAssociate ProfessorFull-time researcher, Faculty of
Department: Electrical Engineering - Consultant of the Electrical Engineering Department ​ ​ ​
Prof. Dr. Samir Bin Alwan Al-BayatProfessorResearch interests cover the areas of systems research, particularly in relation to nonlinear systems, and electrical power engineering
​Department: Industrial Engineering - Consultant to the Department of Industrial Engineering ​ ​ ​
Dr. Ibrahim Al-HarkanCo-professor King Saud University, Department of Industrial and Systems EngineeringConsultant, Department of Industrial and Systems
Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-TamimiFull-time professor, King Saud University, Department of Industrial and Systems EngineeringConsultant laboratories, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University 


Fifth: Conferences, forums and activities provided by the Centre

List of workshops in session 2020-21 here

Further activities will be added in subsequentially

Sixth: Institutional Research Partnerships

Partnership AuthorityType (local - international)The goal of the partnership
Tokyo UniversityInternationalSustainable enterprise development


Seventh: Evidence and indicators

  • Funded Research Projects
  • Attached as a file of the list of the first round of funded projects here

See the link for forms related to research services:


Eighth: Labs

The College of Engineering Research Lab aims to enable interaction and collaboration between members of the College of Engineering and researchers in other colleges, researchers at the national and international levels, female students and the labor market. This is to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, publish research outputs, and community service.

The college administration has designated Hall No. 412 in Building 150 (College of Engineering) as the headquarters for the research Centre and the Centre's laboratory, where the venue is being planned and designed to include all the activities of the research Centre as it includes a space for seminars, a space for the research laboratory, and a space for meeting with members.


Ninth: Evidence and information sources


The Visiting Professor Program.



Fast Track Program.

https://www.pnu.edki     ,


Research Projects Program.


Future Women Pioneers Program.


Research Groups Program.


Young Women Researchers Program.


Program for financing research projects after the compiled publication.


Support for Sharia Sciences and the Arabic Language Program.


The Academic Research Ambassadors Program.


Targeted research


Tenth: Scientific journals and societies:

1. Work is underway to establish the College of Engineering Academic Journal.

2. The Engineering Academy works in the Research Centre at the College of Engineering to develop training and educational activities and opportunities that can serve the community, professionals and academia. These activities are mainly provided to female students, members and employees of Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University. They include the following:

  • Training workshops for students
  • Student communities
  • Competitions
  • Other community events


Eleventh: Figures and Statistics

• The number of faculty members and postgraduate students served by the Centre reached 32 members

• The number of research citation examined since the establishment of the Centre has reached 127 research

• The number of scientific sessions and meetings that have been held since the establishment of the Research Centre has reached more than 20 scientific sessions and meetings

• The number of consultations that the Centre provides is 5

• The Research Centre Laboratory at the College of Engineering is under development, as it serves, upon completion, all members of the College of Engineering including the faculties, researchers, and students

• The Research Centre at the College of Engineering has received two awards for excellence