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College of Education Library


The Library of the College of Education is located on the first floor of College Building 112


The college provides its services to female researchers and members of the teaching and administrative staff in the university. It also provides references for the departments of the college as follows

 - Curriculum and Teaching Methods

- Psychology

- Special Education

- Instructional and Learning Technologies

 - Educational Planning and Management

 - Pedagogy

- Early childhood

- Physical Sports Sciences


Services provided by the library

1) Access

The barcode is used to log into the library, and this process is done to enable the number of returns to be counted at the end of the month


2) Secondment

Lending books according to a specific mechanism as follows

●       The library provides devices to search in the library catalog, which is available on the university's website

●       When choosing a book, go to the shelves to take the book

●       Take the book and go to the self-checkout machine, and then follow the instructions shown.


The secondment takes place according to the following categories:

categoryNo. of resourcesPeriodFine
1Faculty Memebers20A semesterOne riyal 1 for each day
2Lecturers, teaching assistants and language teachers15A monthOne riyal 1 for each day
3Graduate students15A monthOne riyal 1 for each day
4Undergraduate students10A monthOne riyal 1 for each day
5University staff10A monthOne riyal 1 for each day
6External beneficiaries10A monthOne riyal 1 for each day

Arrears of 90 days = the original fine of one riyal for each day + the value of the book doubled (even if it was returned).


Late 90 days and the book was missing = the original fine of one riyal for each day + the value of the book doubling + the value of the technical procedures labels (35) riyals.


If the book was actually lost and was notified before the loan period was exceeded = the value of the book doubled + the value of the procedures (35) riyals.


3) Reference service

Provided by the librarians to introduce the method of search in the library and answer the visitors questions

4) Photography

When the student needs to photocopy a specific part of a book, she can photocopy the required part through the copying machine