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College Vice Deanery for Research, Innovation and Business

The Vice Deanship focuses on building an integrated system for research, innovation, and business, strengthening local and international partnerships, and developing and implementing quality post-graduate programs in cooperation with all college departments. A significant part of its responsibilities is to create a conducive environment for students and faculty to conduct research and innovate, as well as follow up on their scientific publications. Among the departments within the deanery are the Department of Postgraduate Programs, the Partnerships and Social Responsibility Department, the Business and Project Management Office, and the Scientific Research and Innovation Committee work together to accomplish these goals:

  • The provision of an academic environment that promotes scientific research and innovation.
  • Strengthening partnerships and social responsibility with various community service actors.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with several organizations that support research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging faculty members to participate in courses, workshops, seminars, scientific forums, and international conferences.
  • Cooperation with academic departments in the development of high-quality postgraduate programs.
  • Provide support to project managers as they prepare and coordinate college projects and operational plans to improve performance and results.