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Learning Outcomes

  •        Learning Outcomes: 

    1. Understanding of the mission of social work and its ability to make the desired changes in society

    2. Commitment to the ethical charter for the social work profession in dealing with all community systems

    3. Ability to employ the theories and models of professional practice in social work at all community levels

    4. Ability to conduct field research to determine the needs of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, and develop programs to deal with them

    5. Ability to perform interventions on social problems in all areas of professional work

    6. Ability to employ information technology and communication techniques in all steps and procedures of professional work

    7. Self-learning and continuous education for updates in the social work profession

    8. Participation in planning and implementing programs and projects for social welfare and human development in the community

  • ​       Learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Social Work Program:

K1Define a theoretical framework for general practice in social work
K2Demonstrate the areas of professional practice in social work
S1Apply the foundations of professional practice (principles, values, skills)

Use the most appropriate professional approaches in dealing with social problems and issues (theories, models, strategies, roles)

S3Apply scientific research methods to societal issues
C1Collaborate with team members to exchange experiences and information
C2Utilize technology in accordance with educational processes