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     College Mission  

     A distinguished college for developing a knowledge, research, innovation and leadership in social work to serve community issues and within the framework of an effective community partnership.

     College goals and objectives

     First objective:

          Achieving the quality of academic programs in social work:

·                 Developing and introducing academic programs and study plans in social work.

·                 Establishing educational partnerships in the field of social work practice.  

     Second objective:

Providing competitive competencies in social work:

·       Achieving the quality of field training.

·       Raising the efficiency of learning resources.

·       Strengthening academic advising. 

     Third objective:

Developing the system of scientific research and innovation in social work:

·       Research excellence in the areas of professional practice in social work.

·       Establishing research partnerships to enhance the professional practice of social work.

     Fourth objective:

Activating an effective community partnership:

·       Enhancing the participation of the college faculty members in community service.

·       Effective community partnerships with the public, private and third sectors. (NGO).

     Fifth objective

Institutional Empowerment:

·       Raising the efficiency of the administrative staff.

·       Generating the use of information and communication technology in the college departments.

·       Professional and academic development for faculty members.

     Program Mission:

Preparing social workers with a scientific, research and professional competence who are able to deal with societal issues, variables and competition in the labor market.

     Program goals and objectives

     First objective

Excellence in Social Work Education:

  • Providing the student with knowledge framework of social work.
  • Providing the student with professional skills necessary to practice social work.

     Second objective

Professional Excellence:

  • Preparing the student to work in the community institutions in the areas of social work.
  • Providing the student with the professional values in social work.

     ​Third objective

Research Excellence:

  • Giving the student the ability to study social issues and problems.
  • Enabling the student to conduct scientific research in dealing with social issues and problems.