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  •           Bachelor's program major Social Work
  •           Thesis of the Bachelor of Social Work Program:
                                   Preparing scientific, research and professional competencies in the social work capable of competing in the labor market.
  •           Program Goals:
  •           First Goal: Excellence in Social Work Education.
  •           The objectives:
                                  1/ Providing the graduate with theoretical knowledge to practice social work in community institutions.
                                  2/ Providing the graduate with the professional skills to practice social work in the community institutions.
  •           Second Goal: Research Excellence
  •           The objectives:
                                  1/ Development of research skills for the graduate.
                                  2/ Developing the graduate's ability to study societal issues and problems.
  •           Third Goal: Preparing female graduates for the labor market.
  •           The objectives:
                                  1/ Directing female graduates to work in community institutions working in the areas of social welfare.

  •           Master program major in Clinical Social Work
  •           Master's Program Thesis:

  •           The Mission:

                      Preparing a qualified practitioner in the field of specialization by providing high- quality education and training to serve the labor market.

  •           The goals and objectives of the program:

  •           First Goal: Provide a master's program in Clinical Social Work.

  •           The objectives:

                    1/ Providing female graduates with theoretical knowledge, skills, and professional foundations for social work practice.
                    2/ Linking the courses to the needs of the labor market in the area of Clinical Social Work.

  •           Second Goal: Linking research knowledge in the Clinical Social Work to social and psychological problems.

  •           The objectives:

                    1/ Development of research capabilities of female graduates.
                    2/ Developing the ability of female graduates to apply scientific research steps to address social and psychological problems.

  •           Third Goal: Preparing the graduates for the requirements of the labor market.

  •           The objectives:

                    1/ Directing the female graduates to work in community institutions operating in the clinical field.

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