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 Under the direct guidance of Her Excellency the Dean of the College of Social Work, all the College's departments attach great importance to this significant and key requirement for the graduation of students. As the graduation project generally aims at presenting and solving problematic issues to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

 This project represents a real test for students through which their abilities, respecting the accurate understanding of the problem and the correct identification of the requirements and objectives to be reached, are revealed. In addition, this research project focuses, through its first and second parts, on honing the abilities of the students in the collection of necessary topics in different ways, and its analysis. As well as finding the appropriate solution to the problem, then exposing this solution to a set of tests and evaluations, which in turn gives a clear visualization of the effectiveness of this solution.

 Graduation projects are considered one of the important courses and the main requirements for graduating of students from all departments of the College of Social Work, where the implementation of this requirement is distributed over a whole semester as a course and sequence in the form of project part 1 then part 2.

 The first part of the graduation project is comprised of presenting a proposal for solving a problem, based on a good understanding of the problem, an initial identification of the main objectives, an analysis of the data collected, and a proposal and a hypothetical concept of the solution, based on a set of scientific bases related to the project area.

 While the second part of the graduation project focuses on the application, activation, testing and evaluation of the proposed solution with modification if necessary to come up with an effective and efficient solution to the problem to achieve all the main objectives that have been identified in advance.

 ​Finally, we should say that all members of the educational and administrative staff at all levels and duties complement each other to make this real test a success in order to proudly raise the name of the College of Social Work at the University of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman in all of social, regional and global fields. 

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