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Qualify distinguished specialists in biomedical engineering, have scientific, professional and research competence, to meet the needs of the labor market in this field, and to contribute to community service. 


The objectives of the Biomedical Engineering program are:

• Provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, experiences and values that enhance their excellence in the field of biomedical engineering.

• Develop the skills of thinking, criticism, analysis and scientific research among the graduates.

• Provide the graduates with leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, and responsibility, in a way that enhances their effectiveness in the labor market.

• Develop the female graduates' contribution to community service.

The program's study plan for Bachelor's degree consists of (164) credit hours (CR) distributed as follows:

Foundation Year: It's the program's first year, during which the students shall take (31) CR within two semesters.
University Requirements: Are the courses that all university students are required to take. They are (8) courses; a total of (18) CR.
Faculty Requirements: Are the courses taught in all college's departments. They are (13) courses; a total of (47) CR.

Program Requirements: The program core requirements are (31) courses; a total of (89)


Program Elective Requirements: The student chooses (3) elective courses; a total of (10) CR, divided into a course of (4) CR at the ninth level and two courses of (3) CR each at the ninth and tenth levels.
Summer Semester: It is a core graduation requirement that takes place after the fourth year of study, and the student is required to pass at least 131 credits, which is a core graduation requirement and is equivalent to one credit unit.​