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Field Training

The plan of the Early Childhood program includes field training which has the applied experience that complements the theoretical knowledge of female students in the Early Childhood program. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to observe and practice in nurseries and kindergarten classes and to interact with children as well as the opportunity to compare theoretical knowledge with reality in order to improve the educational process in the future. The practical experience has been distributed over different levels starting with field experience courses that are offered in five levels from the third to the eighth level.


The field training includes approximately 500 hours of practical experience which prepare the students professionally to work after graduation.



The field training course plan is as follows:


Three weeks of theoretical lectures




Field training


Full time field training (the eighth level)



The following is a summary of the field training courses:


Level Three: observation of kindergarten and nursery school environment• One day per week for 8 weeks.


Level four: activities design. One day per week for 8 weeks.


Level five: sport activities. One day a week for 8 weeks.


Level six : presentation of the designed activities. One day a week for 8 weeks.


 Level seven: two days a week for 8 weeks.


Level eight:  week days for 14  weeks.