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The Department of Special Education was established at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in 1430-1431 AH. Since then, it took the responsibility of improving the educational outputs in the field. It senses its responsibility towards individuals with disabilities through qualifying specialized educational cadres. It was keen to attract the best scientific qualified educators. It has a constellation of specialists with practical experience in teaching the latest practices in the field of special education.


The department has been effective in developing the capabilities of cadres in the field and contributing to community service through studies and research in special education. As well, it provides educational programs that meet the needs of society and spread the culture of community awareness towards people with disabilities.

The Department, represented by its members and students, is participating in the developmental process of Vision 2030 in the field of special education, which seeks to empower individuals with disabilities in all areas. The department is moving forward in expanding the circle of community participation addressing the growing needs in the labor market.



Characteristics of the Department Graduate:


●       Taking into account the teachings of Islam in dealing with special education groups

●       Familiarity with the goals and principles of special education

●       Taking into account the impact of disability on children and families when preparing and implementing special education programs

●       Taking into account the characteristics of growth and the principle of individual differences when applying educational practices for special education groups

●       Implementing  measurement and evaluation methods in preparing educational plans for special education groups

●       Familiarity with educational alternatives and supportive rehabilitation services in the field of special education

●       Employing modern educational strategies for special education groups

●       Applying behavioral programs with special education classes

●       Possession of professional competencies and self-development skills