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Student Employment Program
Student Employment Program
It is a social and educational care program provided by the University to enhance and develop the training role in students’ lives. It includes the employment of students within the University facilities. It is an hourly employment system. Students who wish to work in the University premises can apply at the beginning of each semester.
Program Objectives:
        Improve the talents and skills of University students by engaging in office work and conducting managerial assignments in the different facilities of the University.
        Spending free time and gaining experience with a monthly payment.
        Familiarize students with taking responsibility for work and abide by its ethics.
        Provide a source of income for students with financial needs, whose monthly remuneration has been suspended.
       University bodies benefit from these students by assigning them with administrative and technical work.
Controls of participation in the student employment program:
1.         The student should be enrolled and study in a college on a regular basis.
2.         No disciplinary action has been made against her.
3.         The student is not entitled to combine two employment opportunities in the same semester.
4.         The student should have a GPA of at least 4 out of 5.
5.         The student, who has previously worked for three semesters at the University during her study, shall not be employed.
6.         The number of working hours of students should not be less than (25) hours per month, and not more than (50 hours) in the Hijri month, and not more than (5 hours) per day.
7.         The student employment remuneration shall not exceed SR (1,000) one thousand riyals per month, provided that the hourly rate shall not be more than (20) twenty riyals.
8.         To facilitate the process of registration and admission to the program for students wishing to register, it has been electronically activated.
If you have any inquiries about student employment, please contact us via email: DSA_SP@PNU.EDU.SA.