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Roles and Responsibilities of the Deanship
  • Overall supervision on all matters relating to students starting from the preparation of social and cultural activity plans, activating clubs and extracurricular participations, and following up their implementation to ensure that students develop their skills to the maximum.
  • Supervising and upgrading student services to create an appropriate University environment.
  • Taking good care and attention to student housing as well as students’ nutrition and physical health.
  • Ensure that students participate in field and scientific trips, and recommend local, regional and international participation.
  • Providing special attention to students with special needs, helping them overcome their difficulties, offering alternatives by providing devices and tools to enable them achieve their academic goals and fulfill their ambitions.
  • Providing psychological, social, and academic counselling.
  • Monitoring students’ behaviors and reducing the incidence of violations by activating the Disciplinary and Sanctions Committee according to the University’s rules and regulations.
  • Approving Students’ Fund Board agenda; its main goal is to support students.
  • Support the role and participation of the Student Advisory Committee.
  • Spread awareness among students to understand the rules and regulations of their rights and duties in booklets and flyers.
  • Preparing students professionally and skillfully and ensuring that they are qualified to compete in the labor market.
  • Establishing effective partnerships that allow growth and development of the sense of belonging and loyalty to the University.