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Research Center
Vision :
Effective contribution in the field of research and human studies to achieve leadership and excellence.

the message :
Providing a stimulating research environment for the advancement of scientific research, projects and research supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research.

Objectives :
Activate and develop the scientific research movement in various fields by financing research projects or through joint cooperation with the private or government sector.
Linking scientific research policies to the university's goals and community needs.
Supporting the distinguished competencies of faculty members and postgraduate students by setting rewards for excellence for distinguished researchers.
Focusing on the quality of outputs by providing a stimulating research environment with clear procedures.
Supporting original research that bears the nature of innovation and innovation, and research that leads to the rooting of Islamic, Arab and national identity.
Raising the level of research by identifying the training needs of faculty members at the College of Arts, and coordinating with the Deanship of Development to set up courses.​

Research centers have become an urgent necessity in light of the growing role of knowledge and creativity in work and the economy, and the rise of meaning and content technologies that fill the world today, which doubles the importance of research centers in order to accommodate the stage and keep pace with the great change in knowledge, technology and work trends. Research centers are of great importance because of their essential role in the process of renaissance and comprehensive and effective development.

The Research Center of the College of Arts, which was established on 10/1/1435 AH, is one of these centers that deals with research studies, projects, courses and workshops in studies and human sciences of all kinds, which serve the policy and vision of the university in order to achieve leadership and excellence.

Ambitious leaders who sought to achieve the goal for which it was established have succeeded in heading this center, and they are, respectively:

Mr. Dr. Sarah Aqla.

Dr.. Nora Al-Hassawi.

Mr. Dr. Share Al-Hathal.

Mr. Dr. Hilali's share.

The Center's tasks and services:

Preparing the annual plans of the center and following up their implementation after their approval.
Suggesting objectives and general policies for research activity in the educational departments of the Faculty of Arts and following up on their implementation.
Communicate with the educational departments to motivate and encourage them to activate everything that supports the research process.
Encouraging the formation of research groups and teams between different disciplines.
Supporting research projects in accordance with scientific research regulations and systems.
Raising the level of research by identifying the training needs of faculty members at the College of Arts and coordinating with the Deanship of Skills Development to set up courses.
Submitting publication requests for distinguished scientific theses. Scientific and academic books and research.
Establishing an information base for the scientific production of faculty members at the Faculty of Arts.
Establishing an information base for the research being implemented to follow up the implementation stages according to the approved plan for each research.
Establishing a database for completed research to be exchanged with universities and research centers related to the nature of each research.
Creating a database for arbitrators from faculty members in all disciplines of the college from universities in the Kingdom.
Facilitate the task of researchers by addressing and establishing companies with specialized centers and bodies to exchange information and experiences and provide assistance to researchers as needed.
Providing scientific advice to the relevant authorities in the College of Arts.
Carry out any other tasks assigned to it in its field of competence.

Official post office:


Research Projects Reception Mail:



Office Manager: From inside the university: 36778 - from outside the university: 0118236778

Research projects management: from within the university: 36634 - from outside the university: 0118236634 ​​