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Bachelor of Arts Program in Geography

About the Program:
Through skillfully competent graduates, the Department of Geography seeks to meet the needs of the labor market in geographic information systems technology and environmental studies to achieve sustainable development plans.
Admission Requirements: 

1-      The student achieves a high school certificate, of any type, from a Saudi school or an equalized one.

2-      The student must meet the high school accumulative percentage set by the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

3-      The student must meet any acceptance criteria announced or set by the University's Board during the application process.

4-      Admission priority is given to Saudi students.

Teaching Methods:
Bachelor of Arts in Geographic Information and Sensing systems as well as Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography, are both taught remotely.
Career Opportunities:

Graduates of Environmental studies as well as Geographical studies and Information Systems may work in a variety of public and private sectors' career opportunities include the following:

-          Marine surveyor.

-          Cartographer.

-          Astronomer.

-          Statistical data collector.

-          Statistics encoder.

-          Statistics classifier.

-          Publication editor.

-          Statistical researcher.

-          Statistical specialist.

-          Municipal councils' researcher.

-          Municipal councils' specialist.

-          Regional affairs researcher.

-          Regional affairs specialist.

-          Protocol Department secretaries.

-           Student supervisor.

-          Cartographer.

-          Aerial surveyor.

-          Geodesic surveyor.

-          Diplomatic attaché.

-          Second secretaries.

-          Tourist guide.

-          Careers in museums and archeological sites sectors.

-          Geography teacher.

-          Teaching Assistant - Lecturer – Assistance Professor in Geographical Specializations.

-          Careers in environmental protection.

-          Geographical artist.

-           Environmental Observer.

-          Meteorologist.

Curriculum Study Plan: 

Click here to view the study plan of Geography major Geography study plan.pdf

Click here to view the study plan of Environmental Geography path Enviromintal study plan.pdf

Click here to view the study plan of Geographical studies and Information Systems path Goegraphy information system.pdf