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The Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities seeks to help students shape their own personalities by supporting them psychologically, physically and mentally. Also, the Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities help students realize their real potentials and discover and improve their skills within the educational framework. This will prepare them to become citizens capable of giving and taking responsibility.
The Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities also trains students in leadership, cooperation and harmony. This ensures the great connections students have with their lecturers and professors, which is reflected in lectures, seminars, meetings and trips. Students' activities change annually and are renewed by adding new ones according to community events. These activities are approved by the Deanship council and then by the University Council.

Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities Objectives:
Developing students’ leadership and personal skills through various extracurricular activities.
Promoting creativity, developing initiative and enhancing positive competitiveness amongst them.
Raising awareness among students of the importance of volunteer work and encouraging them to volunteer inside and outside the University.
Investing students’ spare time in cultural, social and sport activities.
Discovering students’ talents and enhancing their capabilities and capacity for creative initiatives, research and self-learning.
Giving students the opportunity to use the knowledge gained through a leading University that meets the needs of the labor market and civil organizations.