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Vice-Rectorate of Student Activities pays due care to the life of the university student outside lecture rooms through preparation of extra-curricular activities plan and programs that aim to develop student's integrated personality. As well as development of sense of responsibility, and helping her overcome obstacles that may hinder her university career. It also aims at creating suitable university atmosphere for students through conducting workshops and specialized courses in a variety of areas for self-development and leadership development. As well as through paying attention to health sports activities, clubs and student unions to allow the largest possible number of students to meet their goals, discover their talents and invest their leisure time in fruitful and productive matters.


Objectives of the Vice-Rectorate:

1.    Develop spirit of leadership as well as students’ character through application of various extracurricular activities.

2.    Encourage and develop the sense of initiative and creativity among students, and promote the sense of positive competition among them.

3.    Raise level of awareness among students regarding voluntary work and motivate them to participate voluntarily inside and outside the University.

4.    Develop a qualifying personality for students by occupying their free time with cultural, social and sports activities.

5.    Discover students’ talents and develop their capabilities to engage in creative initiatives, research and self-learning.

6.    Give the student the opportunity to utilize the acquired knowledge through transforming the University into an interactive institution that meets the needs of labor market and civil society organizations.

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