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​The College of Education was founded in 1970/1390 AH, as the first educational college for girls. Its primary goal was to prepare middle and high school teachers. In the beginning, the College had major and minor sections. For example, Arabic Language as a major with Islamic Studies as a minor, ...
​​​​Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace be upon His Prophets and Messengers. The College of Education seeks to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of scientific research in the area of community services, based on the principles of Islam, the generous support of our ...
​​​Vision:Leadership in the preparation of educators to build a knowledge-based society able to compete globally.Mission:Qualifying educational staff that meets the international standards. Based on the needs of society and values, the College aims to enrich human knowledge and develop the educational field, which is going to achieve sustainable development.Objectives:• The ...

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  • Educational Technology1
  • Special Education

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