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Student Programs Unit

Loans and Grants in Students Fund

It is the body in charge of providing financial support to students in need to meet their personal demands to ensure the progress of their educational process, including:

·        Cash grants (urgent, lump sum, continuous).

·        Cash loans (urgent, personal, for computer purchase, for camera purchase) and other educational devices from Students Fund.


Loans and Grants in Students Fund:

The provision of loans and grants to students is one of the most important objectives and expenditures of Students Fund in accordance with the regulations governing students funds within the educational institutions issued by Higher Education Council’s Resolution No. 27/12/1423 AH. As Article (19) of these regulations regulates the basic controls of disbursement from the Fund in case of loans and grants as follows:

1.    Submit the loan or grant application on the form designed for this purpose.

2.    Investigate student’s case and coordinate with the relevant bodies including the college and the department.

3.    Applications shall be submitted to the Board for consideration and determination of the amount of the grant or amount of the loan and the period of its repayment.

4.    The Chairman of the board may, in urgent cases, disburse an amount not exceeding SR (500) in case of grant, and SR (1000) in case of loan, provided that the matter is presented to the board at the first session for information.

5.    Cheques of immediate grants and loans issued but not collected after one month from the date of issuance of the cheque must be cancelled, while cheques of (lump sum and continuous) grants and lump sum loans which have not been collected after six months from the date of issuance of the cheque, must be cancelled.

6.    The loan shall be repaid on time by deducting from the student's monthly stipend, provided that the monthly deduction shall not exceed 40% of the monthly stipend, unless the board determines otherwise.

7.    The borrowing student shall not be discharged or cleared from the educational institution until it is confirmed that she has repaid the full amount of loan.

8.    Under approval of the board and upon recommendation of its chairman, the student may be exempted from repaying the remaining amounts of loan in the necessary cases.


To achieve the maximum benefit and to guarantee the optimal distribution of financial support provided by the program of loans and grants in the Fund for all students alike, it was important to establish detailed controls for disbursement from the Fund for the program of loans and grants at Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University as follows:


General conditions and controls for loans and grants:

1.    The loan or grants application can be submitted by all university regular students who have registered credit hours for the semester at the time of application, with the exception of university students whom their monthly remunerations are not subject to deductions for Students Fund’s subscription (free internal scholarship students – internal scholarship with tuition fees students).

2.    The student should not have undergone a disciplinary penalty.

3.    The loan or grant application must be investigated and studied by the competent social worker at college of the student.


Loans Program:

Terms and controls of loans disbursement:

1.    The student's GPA should not be less than (3).

2.    The remaining period of the student shall be sufficient to repay the amount of the advance.

3.    The student should not be enrolled in the university for less than one full semester.

4.    The student's remuneration shall be continuous.

5.    The loan’s application must be submitted by the student in person, and this may not be delegated.

6.    Full repayment of any previous loans to the Students Fund.

7.    The student shall submit all required documents necessary for investigating the relative case:

·        Student’s university ID.

·        Proof of identity (national ID card, family card, residence permit).

·        Quotation of the required device stamped by the commercial institution in case of securing the educational device loan.

8.    The student may receive the loan only two times during her period of study at the university.

9.    The maximum amount of the loan that student can get for one time is SR (6,000) only six thousand Saudi Riyals, taking into account determining the period of collection of the loan as well as percentage of repayment amount specified by the student and the remaining period for graduation from the university.


Terms and controls of loans repayment:

1.    The loan must be collected within one Hijri year and a half (18 university stipends) as a maximum.

2.    Deduction of the repayment installment starts from the date of the next month’s stipend following disbursement of the loan.


Terms and Controls for Loan Repayment Exemption Request:

The loan repayment shall not be exempted except as per a resolution from the board of Students Fund, the following conditions shall apply:

1.    The student should have paid 50% of the gross amount of the loan to be exempted.

2.    The suspension of the monthly stipend.

3.    Submit the reasons for exemption request and the supporting documents thereof to the board.


Grants Program:

General conditions and controls:

1.    The student must be a regular student at the university at the time of the application for the grant.

2.    The student shall submit all required documents necessary for investigating the relative case as follows:

·        Submit student’s basic official documents (as the case may be):

o   Family Civil Card (number of family members mentioned: ………/ civil status card/status card of male brothers not mentioned in family card (Number of brothers: ……)/ Birth certificate for non-registered members in family card (their number: ………)/Passport/Residence for expatriates  (number of residence permits mentioned: ………)

o   University ID.

o   Academic record (GPA ………).

o   Proof of accommodation if there is a lease contract (valued ………)

o   Salary breakdown letter for (*father *mother *husband *brother) valued at SR ………

o   Other proof documents if mentioned:

o   Instrument of debt under official stamp (debt amount SR ………) (Name of the creditor: ………)

o   Social Security Card (amount SR ………)

o   Aids from charitable organizations (name of the organization ………; a copy of the organization’s card).

o   Death certificate (Relationship: ………)

o   porce certificate (a. Student; B. mother of the student).

o   Dependent children instrument (number of children: ………).

o   Certified Medical report with an official stamp (Reporting authority………), (the medical condition: ………).

o   Means of transport, university transport or taxi (with amount of: ……… a month).

o   Proof of unpaid utility bills, e.g. electricity, water, others; specify: ………

·        Other proofs not mentioned above: ………


Continuous Grants:

It is a monthly grant for one semester (five consecutive months) for a maximum of one time for the needy student with the need to justify payment of such grant to the student as well as attaching supporting documents with case study.


Terms and Controls:

1.     The continuous grant shall be within the maximum monthly remuneration as per the college of the student.

2.     The student may receive the loan only two times during her period of study at the university.

3.     The student must attend regularly to the university at the beginning of each semester in which she is paid a continuous grant.

4.     The student should not combine continuous grant with the university remuneration.

5.     It is not permissible to combine a continuous grant with lump sum grant.

6.     Payment of continuous grant shall be suspended if the student's relationship with the university has ceased completely or temporarily, whether by graduation, dismissal, withdrawal or otherwise.

7.     Payment of continuous grant shall be suspended if it is not received by the student for two consecutive months, unless the student submits an acceptable excuse to be approved by Chairperson of the board.


Lump Sum Grants:

It is a grant that is paid to the needy student as a lump sum to cover the necessary expenses that require providing assistance to complete her educational career.


Terms and Controls:

1.    Grant is intended for directly assisting the student only and does not extend to cover expenses of the family.

2.    The maximum amount of the lump sum grant is SR 3,000 for Saudi students, while the resident student receives SR 2,000, unless under special cases determined otherwise by the board, provided that such amount does not exceed SR (6000) six thousand Saudi Riyals to be disbursed to the student during her study period at the university, in order to provide grants to a large number of students.

3.    Elapse of minimum one Hijri year, since the date of the last lump sum grant or continuous grant application disbursed to the student.

4.    The student must be a regular student at the university at the time of applying for the grant.

5.    The student should not combine lump sum grant with continuous one throughout the period of continuous grant disbursement.

6.    In the event of requesting lump sum grant for therapeutic purposes, a medical report must be submitted from a government hospital and certified by the University Health Center, as a proof for not obtaining treatment from other public and university hospitals.

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